The End-Product Opportunity – Applications Research and Product Development

Cost effective materials solutions for achieving high performance are in great demand. Through the use of proprietary manufacturing technologies, XtremeCarbons is striving to satisfy this demand.

XtremeCarbons’ ZSheet TM, the company’s flagship product, is such a solution. The ZSheet TM is comprised of free-standing, substrate-free sheets of Z-aligned multiwall carbon nanotubes. In contrast to similar “array”-type products, the ZSheet TM is exclusively composed of carbon nanotubes oriented along the through-thickness direction of the sheet. The ZSheet TM can be utilized “dry”, or without a binder; or, the ZSheet TM can be infiltrated with various polymer resins. In the latter case, the polymer phase fills in the interstitial void space among the aligned carbon nanotubes. The ZSheet TM can fabricated in custom 2-dimensional shapes from very small to quite large. The ZSheet TM has significant potential in thermal management applications, particularly as a thermal interface material (TIM) to reduce contact resistance at the interface.

XtremeCarbons is a R&D-driven company that is continually working to develop new materials solutions and improve existing ones in a range of markets, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Energy Systems
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Construction Materials
  • Biomedical Applications
  • Electronics
  • Consumer Products and Sporting Goods

The company’s research and development activities range from idea development to prototyping. We also perform characterization-to-product testing and analysis. The company conducts research and development activities internally and participates actively in collaborative research. Future directions, either independently or as part of a joint venture, will be directed towards the following:

  1. Thermal management materials and thermal interface materials (TIMs)
  2. Specialty carbon and nano-tailored matrix materials and fiber/matrix pre-preg systems
  3. High quality and purity, non-entangled carbon nanotube powder fillers

Specialty materials, such as these unique carbon materials, can be found in a range of products—from bicycles to wind turbines, computers to satellites.

The Technology Licensing and Joint Venture Opportunity

XtremeCarbons, Inc. boasts nearly 50 years combined experience in developing carbon materials. One of the strengths of the company is its collective knowledge of the “art” needed to produce reproducible, yet unique, carbon materials. Our staff has extensive experience in the production of many carbon materials, including carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers (pitch, PAN, and rayon-based), and active carbons. Our knowledge of resins, binders, and processing techniques provide XtremeCarbons, Inc. with the tools necessary to design, fabricate, and test custom composite materials in-house.

Along with technical expertise, XtremeCarbons, Inc. has a growing intellectual property portfolio. The company has licensed several patents from the University of Kentucky that describe the continuous and scalable process for synthesizing and harvesting high purity, highly-aligned multiwall carbon nanotubes as powders or in arrays (ZSheet). The company has also licensed technology that enables XtremeCarbons to uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes within resin matrices of various types. These three properties—purity, alignment, and uniform dispersion—are critical for achieving the high performance requested by our customers.

The company’s IP, which covers a range of materials, processes, and applications, is available for sublicensing and joint venture projects.

The Make and Sell Opportunity – Sales of Raw, Compounded and Functionized Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Materials

Carbon Nanotube Arrays (Zsheet)\

Carbon Nanotubes Mixeed in nanotailored matrix materials and fiber/matrix pre-pregs

Carbon Nanotube Powder: High quality and purity, non-entangled carbon nanotube powder fillers.