What are people saying?

“Alliances like this with Blessed Earth and seminaries that are supportive of Blessed Earth’s agenda will have a trickle down effect globally.” Dr. Chuck Conniry, Vice President and Dean, George Fox Evangelical Seminary


“These additional connections with other seminaries should benefit us as we share our understanding of the gospel with them and they share theirs with us.” The Reverend Jim Lindus, Chair, Board of Directors, Luther Seminary


“To have partners in theological education to talk with, to hold us accountable, and to help us learn from each other- we’re thrilled to be a part of it, glad to be on the ground with it.” Dr. Lallene Rector, Academic Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary


“We in the seminaries are preparing future leaders of the church, and as seminarians discover the importance and the joy of entering into creation care efforts, it’s going to begin to ripple out throughout the world and for generations to come.” The Reverend Michael Cooper-White, D.D., President, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg


“If churches aren’t involved in this work, then they’re not involved in the work of the church. The very first commands we were given were to protect this place that we’ve been given, and of course the profound gospel injunction to protect one’s neighbor can’t be carried out in a world where our lifestyles are drowning our neighbors and sickening them and starving them.” Bill McKibben, Author and Activist


“We’re growing leaders for the future who understand that their faith and the faith of their parishioners need to be informed by how to care for creation.” Dr. Chris Elisara, Director, Creation Care Studies