Become a Partner

The Seminary Stewardship Alliance (SSA) brings together seminary leaders who covenant to teach, preach, model, and hold each other accountable for good stewardship practices.  Serving as a powerful catalyst for change, the SSA helps prepare the future pastors of our 300,000 houses of worship to take a leadership role in caring for God’s creation.


Specifically, the SSA:

  1. Catalyzes sustainable practices in seminaries
  2. Advances scholarship on creation care
  3. Nourishes dialog within and among seminaries

Benefits of Joining the SSA

  • Support network for creation care scholars and leaders
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Information and resource sharing
  • Seed grants for creation care scholarship and praxis
  • Energy savings and waste reduction
  • Larger grant opportunities secured for member schools

Participating Seminaries and Covenant Signatories

  • Asbury Theological Seminary, Dr. Timothy Tennant
  • Columbia Theological Seminary, Dr. Stephen A. Hayner
  • Denver Seminary, Dr. Mark Young
  • Duke Divinity School, Dr. Richard B. Hays
  • Fuller Theological Seminary, Dr. Richard J. Mouw
  • Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Dr. Phillip A. Amerson
  • George Fox Evangelical Seminary, Dr. Chuck Conniry
  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Dr. Dennis Hollinger
  • Luther Seminary, The Rev. Dr. Richard H. Bliese
  • Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, The Rev. Michael L. Cooper-White, D.D.
  • Tabor Adelaide Seminary, Dr. Aaron Chalmers
  • Wake Forest School of Divinity, Dr. Gail R. O’Day

New memberships are limited to twelve seminaries per academic year. Upon joining, the Dean or President signs the SSA Covenant and appoints one or more liaisons, who will help develop a seminary-specific stewardship plan. Membership fee is $450 (can be reduced or waived).


For more information, contact Will Samson, SSA Director, at