Assembly District 8 – JoAnna Bautch

Who I am

My name is JoAnna Bautch, Democratic candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly, District 8. After graduating from Milwaukee Public Schools and Alverno College here in Milwaukee, I have spent my career working as a community organizer and communications professional on the near south side. As a community organizer with the Reproductive Justice Collective, I advocated for women of color and worked to strengthen the grassroots voting power of Milwaukee’s near south side. I then continued my community centered work at the United Community Center (UCC), where I led communications efforts focused on uplifting the education, economic development, and health of our neighbors. Now, I serve as the Movement Politics Director at Citizen Action of Wisconsin, working to achieve our mission of social, economic, and environmental justice.

Why I am Running

I have always been involved in working to build a stronger near south side community, but I never expected to run for office myself. I decided to run for the State Assembly because we are in the middle of a critically important moment in our collective future and we need bold action to make real progress. I believe it is of the utmost importance that Milwaukee’s near south side continues to be represented by a proud progressive Democrat in the State Assembly. I will be a strong partner with my fellow Democrats in the Assembly to push back against the disastrous path the GOP wants to take our state down. At the same time, I will work with my colleagues to think not only about what we can do right now, but how we also build toward once again making Wisconsin a bastion of progressive government.

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