Assembly District 76 – Heather Driscoll

Who I am

Heather has been a leader in her community, working in the Capitol, with the school board, with her neighborhood association, with the city council, and with advocacy groups on environmental, equity, and gun violence prevention issues. As a local Legislative Lead for Moms Demand Action she has fought against bad gun legislation in Wisconsin and advocated tirelessly for commonsense gun laws that, if enacted, would save lives. Heather has also used her own personal story to advocate for access to healthcare and for survivors of sexual assault. She lives in Madison, WI with her husband and two children.

Why I am Running

As a gun violence survivor and someone whose family has experienced tragedy due to lack of adequate health care, Heather has personal reasons for fighting for change and she will channel this understanding into effective action. She has a proven record of advocating, organizing and educating around these core issues as well as fighting to stop climate change. Heather will be effective at the Capitol without compromising her progressive values and she will use her position in a safe progressive seat to support candidates in other parts of the state both financially and on the ground.

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