Assembly District 11 – Curtis Cook II

Who I am

I am a 23 year old candidate for State Assembly from Milwaukee. I am an advocate that is passionate about pushing my community forward, bridging gaps and creating opportunities that are fair for every person.

Why I am Running

There’s a few factors that go into why I decided to run. I was 11 years old when Obama was elected president. That moment really sparked something in me. It wasn’t until his re-election that I knew what it meant for me. As an Obama-era teenager, I got to see first-hand how representation matters. It was about more than just being a leader but possessing the ability to create opportunity, inspiration and spark activism within you—the impact. That was the seed that was planted years ago.  But why now? Before deciding to run I was not an active political person. I work a 9 to 5 job that consumes most of my day. But I noticed that there were challenges we face that I felt passionately about. I realized that I have plans and a vision for where my community could be. Our children need an equitable education, we need to assist in developing small businesses, and reaching out to help those that need us most. It’s the cornerstone to our communities.

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