3D Africa Classes

3D Africa is a vanguard, threshold opportunity and the next innovation that will transform the way business is done, the way new inventions and products are created, and has great promise for new revenue for low-income communities and individuals.”

Upon graduation from 3D Africa you’ll be employment ready, have entrepreneurial businesses begun, be making money, and have earned a diploma!

Animation Programming Learn to code using visual programming tools such as Scratch, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino which will allow you to create animations and games.
Application Building Learn about computer science while using MIT AppInventor 2. Students will be taught how to build mobile applications on the Android platform.
AutoCAD (2D) Teaches how to use AutoCAD to create meaningful engineering and architectural 2D drawings and draughts. Students are taught engineering and innovation design processes. At completion of these courses, students will be able to draw building plans, detailed engineering drawings, and many more in 2D views.
AutoCAD (3D) After mastering the 2D representation of drawing, students will learn how to model and create real 3D objects in AutoCAD efficiently and tactically. Students are taught engineering and innovation design processes and how to use 3D printing to solve community, social, or business problems. (This class prepares students for jobs in the oil and gas industry, engineering, and architecture fields.)
Engineering Teaches engineering and innovation design processes used in corporate sectors. Uses problem-based lessons and projects, e-mentors, virtual or on-site learning from real-world engineers and research teams, how innovation meets critical needs and solves unique problems, virtual or on-site job shadowing, and team challenges. Includes introduction to 3D printing, 3D printers, introduction to 3D printer tool chain, introduction to 3D scanners, prototyping, filaments, and concept of scale. There are currently few engineers in the global workforce with 3D printing training.
Entrepreneurship Designed to introduce participants to the world of entrepreneurship. Participants learn the steps in planning, starting, and managing their own business. The concepts of finance and bookkeeping are addressed along with an introduction to financial products, banking services, and mobile money. The course culminates with the strategies for running and maintaining an efficient business and how technology can be utilized to support, enhance, and extend a successful business.
Introduction to Scientific Inquiry and Design Processes Uses problem-based learning, technology, and 3D printing to understand how scientific inquiry and design processing are used in innovation, developing new products, and solving community problems. This is a prerequisite class for AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Engineering, and completion of diploma requirements.
JAVA Programming Language (Console) Supplemented by MOOC’s, the Java Programming Language (Console) course exposes students to firsthand knowledge of using Java to develop simple programs.
JAVA Programming Language (Graphics User Interface—GUI) Supplemented by MOOC’s, the Java Programming Language (Console) course exposes students to firsthand knowledge of using Java to develop GUI simple programs. (Console Programming is a prerequisite).
Life Skills Designed to teach important life skills and demonstrate how they can lead to both business and personal successes. Consists of seven important skills necessary to develop a strong life foundation; culminates in a community service project. Skills include communication, intrapreneurship, career development, leadership, financial management, healthy decision-making, and community responsibility and service.
Programming Learn to code using JavaScript (Console and GUI) and python programming languages.
Sales and Marketing Teaches how to promote and sell digital products, 3D products, apps, and innovations in online markets and how to make the best of newly acquired technology and engineering skills. This is in addition to facilitating employment opportunities within corporations, small-to-medium sized businesses, and civil service agencies for now technically equipped engineering graduates.
SolidWorks SolidWorks gives that flexibility needed to design and model 3D objects in a more efficient, aesthetical, and professional manner. Students will learn how to innovate, prototype, design, and model all classes of products. Students are taught engineering and innovation design processes, problem solving skills, and how to use 3D printing to meet community, social, and family needs. SolidWorks is the most sophisticated of all CAD software and its skill is highly needed in oil & gas industries, aeronautical industries, manufacturing industries, and the new and promising 3D Printing industries.
Web Designing (Professional) Teaches how to make, design, and publish wonderful webpages in a very special manner. Students will learn how to use XHTML, HTML5, Dreamweaver, and CSS to design that website that will astonish the world.
Web Development (Professional) Teaches how to use special scripting languages (e.g., JAVA Script) to develop websites with special features and characteristics.

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