About Blessed Earth

Blessed Earth – Catalyzing for Change from Matthew Sleeth on Vimeo.

Blessed Earth is an educational nonprofit that inspires and equips people of faith to become better stewards of the earth.   We serve as catalysts for change through two major programs:

The Seminary Stewardship Alliance (SSA) brings together seminary leaders who covenant to teach, preach, model, and hold each other accountable for good stewardship practices.  Serving as a powerful catalyst for change, the Alliance helps prepare the future pastors of our 300,000 houses of worship to take a leadership role in caring for God’s creation.

Creation Care Year partners with influential churches across America to dig deeply into a wide range of stewardship topics.  In this historic first year, Blessed Earth is partnering with The National Cathedral in Washington, DC, to offer sermons, forums, small group studies, lectures, panels, and creation care models that can be used by churches throughout the country.

In addition, Blessed Earth plants seeds through our:

Bible Project (beginning fall 2012) provides free bibles with creation care content and resources for those who want to dig deeply into the scriptural call to love God and love our neighbors by caring for creation.  Blessed Earth builds bridges in two directions — helping those who love the Creator connect with loving His creation and helping those who love creation connect with the Creator.

Tree Planting is a win-win-win:  they clean the air, beautify neighborhoods, provide shade, and decrease rainwater run off.  Each spring and fall, Blessed Earth partners with churches and neighborhood associations to plant trees, primarily in low-income neighborhoods.  Click here if you would like to dedicate a tree in a loved one’s honor.


The Blessed Earth Story

Matthew Sleeth was an ER doctor and chief of staff at a New England hospital when his wife, Nancy, asked him a life changing question:  “What’s the biggest problem facing the world?”  After thinking for a while, he replied, “The earth is dying.”  Nancy’s second question was harder to answer, “If the earth is dying, what are we going to do about it?”

Leading by example, Matthew left his medical career and moved with his family to a house the size of their old garage, reducing their energy usage by more than two-thirds and cutting back their trash production by nine-tenths.  Recognized as national Christian leaders, the Sleeths started the educational nonprofit Blessed Earth to “serve God and help save the planet.”

Since 2008, Blessed Earth has been invited by more than 1,000 church, educational, media, and environmental groups to share the biblical call to care for God’s creation. Explore the Blessed Earth website to learn more about creation care books and films, download practical tools, sign up for the monthly e-newsletter, and share inspiring stories.